The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #24: Betting On Bitcoin

Episode 24
November 01, 2015 โ€” 53 mins
Guests: Peter Klamka

What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas…because then we’d have nothing to talk about. This week we revisit the Mike Tyson ATM fiasco but instead of talking about it, we be about it. Peter Klamka, CEO of Bitcoin Direct, said Tyson is popular in several demographic groups โ€” for his boxing career among adults and his โ€œHangoverโ€ role among millennials โ€” and his partnership has the potential to bring a whole swath of new users to bitcoin. We test this theory by inviting him into the think tank to get a first-hand account at his statements. Is this really the event that is going to cause a huge wave of adoption by businesses and the general population? In addition, we get ambushed by Blythe Meowsters! Oh, and bitcoin’s price is going bonkers. To the moon!

“In a few years from now bitcoin and other digital currency are going to be a normal part of our monetary systems.” -Mike Tyson

  1. John Ruby

    8 years ago

    Would love to listen and thanks, but how can we download this?