The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #19: Branding the Disruptive

Episode 19
September 27, 2015 — 56 mins
Guests: Arika Pierce

Gide and the Chamber of Digital Commerce announced a strategic partnership in which Gide will support the Chamber in its state level legislative and regulatory agenda. We’ve talked to Perianne Boring about the CDC side of things, now it’s time to invite Gide Principal Arika Pierce to give us some insight on her side of the merger. Gide, a public affairs consulting firm, set forth a mission to help startups that operate in highly regulated areas navigate government roadblocks. The digital currency industry is at a critical juncture as states such as California, North Carolina and New York start to create a regulatory framework that is not always friendly to the industry. Is the bitcoin brand disruptive? How do we deal with bitcoin’s identity crisis and if it is in fact disruptive, is bitcoins kind of disruption undisciplined or groundbreaking? That’s a rhetorical question for you, a real question for our guest. Understanding Misunderstandings. Got it?! Confused? Just click play and enjoy, friend.