The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #184: MyCrypto and the Current State of the Network

Episode 184
February 11, 2018 — 89 mins
Guests: Jameson Lopp & Taylor Monahan

BREAKING NEWS STORY! The majority of the team behind MyEtherWallet has created a new company. The new hotness is MyCrypto. MyCrypto is a completely new company with the same people! The name MyCrypto allows them to expand into other blockchains in the future and add more functions and not just be a “wallet!” MyCrypto allows for more the implementation of new blockchains, features, and partnerships that are going to be awesome. Additionally, they will soon be starting a public beta for those who want to test our new codebase so look out for that! Taylor Monahan joins us on the roundtable to talk about that. In addition Jameson Lopp is our special guest. We discuss the current state of the tech vs the hype around blockchain, challenges faced with creating infrastructure services and a bunch of other philosophically interesting stuff. You know how we do!


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