The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #177: Internet of A New Generation

Episode 177
January 11, 2018 — 90 mins
Guests: Fran Villalba Segarra

Stacked episode! The boys chat about current events and then discuss Internxt! They are starting to work on helping shape a new internet with the creation of distributed internet services that are attractive for the mass-market. Similar to what companies like Apple did 30 years ago with the personal computer and later with the smartphone, Internxt is crafting mass-market attractive internet services. CEO and Founder, Mr. Fran Villalba Segarra joins us as our special guest this week. He is listed on The Next Web’s T500, which presents the 500 most talented in the digital scene. He is also nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2018.

In addition, Taylor from, joins us for the roundtable post-interview to discuss the meteoric rise of ETH past $1,000 and how she is limited to two ‘F’ words per tweet. My Ether Wallet allows our audience to interact with the Ethereum blockchain easily & securely so please take precautions so you don’t get scammy scammed!