The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #17: Oiling the Squeaky Wheel

Episode 17
September 13, 2015 — 55 mins
Guests: Mark Burgunder

Ah, the sky is crystal blue and the birds are chirping. It’s another beautiful week at the Bitcoin Podcast. The chickens are roaming, the peacock is up on the roof scouting for pea hens, the pigs are in their sty and farmer Mark Burgunder is sitting at his computer looking at today’s online orders for eggs. In true bitcoin fashion, people who complain the most will get what they want. We want change. And we’re getting it. We are seeing amazing innovation from the farmers of the world and when you bring bitcoin into the picture you have some real potential for a major civilization upgrade. This week, this ‘farmah from down undah‘ is helping the masses get their first Bitcoin. The more local businesses accepting Bitcoin means it is easier for locals to spend their Bitcoin with other locals, and it makes our region an attractive tourist destination for early adopters of this digital currency.


BUDA Organic Foods is a small, certified organic farm located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland.

In addition, Mark sells bitcoin on Paxful and specializes in helping newbies buy their first bitcoin.