The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #154: Bitcoin For The Bottom Billion Pt. 2

Episode 154
September 22, 2017 — 45 mins
Guests: Fereshteh Forough

A quick mid-week roundtable as we discuss Coinbase adding vault services for Ether and Litecoin. Also, coming back to our show after a little over two years, Fereshteh is an advocate of Afghan women’s literacy and a true believer in women’s empowerment through education and technology. Her passion is to improve their technical literacy. Her goal with Code To Inspire is educating Afghan women with in-demand programming skills, and empower them to add unique value to their communities, and inspire them to strive for financial and social independence. Since the last time she was on the show, lots of new things have developed. Fereshteh will expand the program to serve 80 female students, ages 14 to 25, helping these young women enter a competitive job market with highly marketable computer skills. Power to the people!