The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #152: Pally on the Block

Episode 152
September 10, 2017 — 78 mins
Guests: Oliver Andersen

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked with the Pally team. We advertised them last month on our site because I think what they are doing is quite important, and I am always amazed at entrepreneurs who are younger than me, yet doing amazing things with their time. So what is Pally? It is the first decentralized social travel ecosystem in the world – using direct peer-to-peer payment.

Which of course bring me to who is on the show this week. CEO bossmode of course. As CEO of Pally, Oliver is leading product vision and strategy. As a seasoned member of the Blockchain community, Oliver has been actively involved in the technology and is passionate around the prospects of applying blockchain technology. With years of FinTech, digitalization and technology consulting experience as well as an academic background in Behaviourism and Information Technology at world leading universities. As we interviewed him he noticed he brings a determined mindset, a hard-working attitude and a multicultural understanding to Pally.