The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #151: Crypto Boom Boom Room

Episode 151
September 07, 2017 — 68 mins
Guests: Stephan Bonnar

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar comes on our podcast to talk about his newest venture. In addition to being a crypto enthusiast and trader, he is now co-owner of The Legends Room, which is a world class Las Vegas gentlemen’s cabaret re-imagined using blockchain technology. That’s right my friend, the world’s first crypto gentlemen’s club! As we have covered in previous episodes of this podcast, sex workers in the desert mecca of hedonism have been using bitcoin for several years, now businesses, including strip clubs, are implementing the cryptocurrency networks for anonymous transactions.

So who is Stephan Bonnar? If you are a fight fan you know he has been part of the most important fight in the modern era of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He’s fought the best of the best; Jon Jones, Tito Ortiz, Anderson Silva, you name it! He is also an accomplished businessman and active trader in the financial markets. In this episode, what happens with Bitcoin in Vegas, doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas.