The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #150: EGO with ETH

Episode 150
September 04, 2017 — 78 mins
Guests: RAC

150 episodes baby! Help us celebrate by joining us as we BS and reminisce on past episodes and how far both bitcoin and us, have come. Then we invite a Grammy Award winning musician in the studio to join us in the fun. RAC’s (real name André Allen Anjos) released his fifth LP titled EGO back in July and what makes this particular release so special is because he ended up releasing the 1st complete music album using the ethereum blockchain. RAC recently got acquainted with the blockchain technology and saw he could have a more creative approach to music. So, naturally, that is where we came in. RAC has worked with startup Ujo Music on the release, building on its previous high-profile blockchain project with artist Imogen Heap, who also has been on our show. But, let’s be real, you can find plenty of articles online claiming “blockchain” will benefit artists. There are fewer with specifics on how.

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  1. Cynthia

    6 months ago

    Black Cat on October 5!