The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #149: The Rivetz Security Project

Episode 149
August 27, 2017 — 78 mins
Guests: Steven Sprague

This week we dive deep into Rivetz which secures your app with built-in hardware security, creating a decentralized & hardware-based cybersecurity ecosystem! In addition we analyze the recent Joe Rogan episode where gold bug Peter Schiff makes a fool of himself with his flibber flabber bitcoin argument. We go in!

So who is our guest this week? Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz Corp. and former president and CEO of Wave Systems Corp. For 14 years, is one of the principal industry evangelists for the application of trusted computing technology. Steven has a strong technical foundation in the principles, capabilities and business models of incorporating trusted hardware into everyday computing, and is skilled at translating these concepts into layman’s terms. Which is good, because a lot of this stuff goes over Marcello’s head.