The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #140: 5G vs 4G and the Future of Mobile Networks

Episode 140
July 23, 2017 — 53 mins
Guests: Mikko Linnamäki

DENT Wireless is backed by Mikko Linnamäki, Internet pioneer and serial entrepreneur with a track record of founding successful Internet businesses since 1994. DENT Wireless has announced its plan to create a decentralized mobile data exchange, liberating users to buy and sell mobile data anywhere at any time. Global mobile data revenues in a single month are USD 32 billion, according to technology market research firm Parks Associates, USD 4.8 billion of which represents profit from unused data at the end of the month. The DENT platform will enable users to buy, sell, or donate their excess mobile data through its proprietary Ethereum blockchain-powered marketplace, using a new universal currency for data markets, the DENT Token.

  1. Mogopodi Phiri

    7 months ago

    Hello there, DENT project would really help us in Africa, I am currently texting from South Africa where mobile data is so expensive, buying 1GB = R 149/about 12USD; 2GB =R 249.00 / about 20USD. These type of prices keeps us away from daily learning and exploring the internet e.g YouTube Videos. It’s a complete disadvantaging the nation as the world is in the information era and moving ahead into adv. internet avenues. DENT could truly help us, ultimately empowering us to have affordable mobile data and anytime internet access. I’d be happy to see it in South Africa as we are one of the expensive mobile data countries.

  2. shibu

    7 months ago

    Yes very impressive

  3. Matthew W

    7 months ago

    I am afraid that the comment above states 1GB for 12 USD is sooo much money lol; false. Every carrier charges 10$ per 1 GB. Sorry Africa. This will help everyone.

  4. Mogopodi

    7 months ago

    @Matthew W. Well, if it helps everyone then that’s good, my comment is only about my country, m not talking about other countries as I am not aware of them. Even if every carrier charges $10/GB around the world it doesn’t make it right to charge that amount in my country simply because most of the people in RSA do not afford $10/GB, it might not be much in the developed countries. I know what I am talking about…

    You said “this will help everyone” whereas $10/GB is not sooo much money. clear your throat!!

    Lastly, comment about the Dent project not on my comment. You should be telling us how Dent could help everyone in your country/anywhere you know of!!! Stop being negative and attacking me & Africa. Drop ’em constructive comments, boet!