The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #131: Ending Corporate Dominance

Episode 131
June 04, 2017 — 84 mins
Guests: Muneeb Ali

OK, here we are in June 2017 and it is TIME to start rethinking identity on the internet. The internet was built on principles of openness, freedom and decentralization, but the current configuration frequently falls short of these standards. Now, there is an open-source project is trying to address some of the fundamental problems with the modern web. I know what you’re thinking: HYPE! FAKE NEWS! I get it, and we realize you are probably reading this on the internet, and it seems to be working just fine. So how exactly is the internet broken? We become dependent on nameless, faceless, remote parties just by connecting. On the internet, we are powerless. This week we are ALL about snagging Muneeb Ali to chat about the freshly announced Blockstack browser, which changes the dynamic and brings the power back to the people. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to access people, communities, apps, and services built on the blockchain from your browser. Lastly, you might be thinking…are these guys credible? Muneeb has a PhD at Princeton in Networks & Systems. In yo’ face.