The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #128: Family

Episode 128
May 14, 2017 — 84 mins
Guests: Kenn Bosak

This episode we shoot the shit and recap on current events. Listen in and catch up on the hottest topics of the month. For example; transaction fees, lightning network, Mark Sinclair and SCAMS. Satoshi, we have take off… Bitcoin’s price is booming and so are its transaction fees. The recent rise in fees has users turning to cheaper, faster alternatives like Litecoin. Will bitcoin become the settlement layer? Will altcoins take over daily transactions? One things for sure, at least by Cello, crypto is in desperate need of a convenient, easy to use, P2P crypto wallet.

There’s a lot of off topic comradery in this conversation but don’t be fooled, we drop some knowledge-bombs on you. Speaking of ‘don’t be fooled’, be careful of the newest scam duping even the savviest of nerds. We break this scam down and also point out a few ways to avoid being scammed in the future. Ya’ll are Fa-Fa-Fa-Family after all, so we’re just looking out. Be ready to go from aha moment to giggle fest in less than twelve parsecs.