The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #109: The Human Influence

Episode 108
January 08, 2017 — 101 mins
Guests: Chris Omenihu

Remember when we talked about Ujo Music a few weeks back? Or maybe earlier last year when Imogen Heap filled us in on Mycelia? Well, let’s apply these services and get some feedback from an audience that could benefit from it. Our guest is a proud creative leader in the city of Austin, and obviously, a proud hip-hop artist who is striving to break into the industry. Chris fucks with himself. Most of the time. Honestly, it might depend on when and where you catch him. That’s to say that the Austin representative is like the rest of us—surfing on waves of self-confidence, enduring periods of self-doubt, and searching for a sustainable balance. Chris’ demeanor is passive yet perceptive, and when he speaks, he sounds like he does performing: as if you are a microphone to woo.

In 2015, Chris Omenihu founded Human Influence in order to create a platform on which to speak, sing and spread his message about cultural inclusivity. Since its inception, this “taste-making, creative community” has evolved to be a culmination of Chris’s interests, shaped by his experiences in Austin. So if anyone can appreciate what we do, and take time out to listen to new technologies, it is him.

In addition, we are joined on this episode with our Merch director Dillon!

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  1. Eugene Omenihu

    1 year ago

    This is good stuff. Shoutout to the homies for giving my brother a voice.