The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #104: Currency to a Wider Public

Episode 104
December 11, 2016 — 83 mins
Guests: Stephen Pair & Rithy Thul

*rounds corner of your cul de sac rollerblading* Sup fellas? This episode is a behind the scenes unveiling for life after a purchased bitcoin. While browsing my Twitter feed I came across an entrepreneur who was trying to find more info using blockchain in his country. His country just happened to be Cambodia, which stands as the 15th most corrupt nation in the world. Perhaps it was fate which made us meet Rithy Thul, co-founder of Smallworld Cambodia. He told us that he is a guy who enjoys creating platforms to support and encourage action rather than talk, exploring and testing new startup ideas. But we know he is also one of the promoters of the growing startup ecosystem in Phnom Penh. In addition, our special guest this week is Stephen Pair who has over 20 years of experience building software systems in the financial and telecommunications industries. He is the co founder and president of BitPay — Start accepting bitcoin, store and spend bitcoin securely, or get the BitPay Card, son! In closing, I’ll leave you with this (after listening to this episode), Rithy simply asks you: Technology doesn’t have to be computer or electronics. At one time, the creation to axe and fire was the breakthrough technology.Whats yours?