The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #10: Bottoms Up

Episode 10
July 26, 2015 — 46 mins
Guests: Alcohol

Welcome to The Bitcoin Podcasts’ ‘drinking’ episode where every 10th episode we do away with the guests, pour up a few adult beverages and get comfortable. While on the surface it exists as a lonely island of beer surrounded by a sea of whiskey, this weeks episode has the advantage of operating on a larger stage through podcasting. Yes, this episode can be a little bro-y, but we know our stuff. As far as what we will be drinking, we can just throw the BJCP style guide lines out the window, and style boundaries will be blown away with hybrids and other experimental beers. Listening to the show is a lot like hanging out in your Dad’s friends’ garage where all the neighborhood guys are gathering to talk about money. That didn’t happen in your neighborhood? Well, enjoy the show anyhow! It’s SMAGIC!