Blocked by Design

Blocked by Design #2 – Distributed Design – Sarah Mills

Aqeel and Sarah Mills the Head of Design @ Consensys sit down to do a deep-dive on the nuances of approaching design & creative for decentralized technologies while working with a distributed team. The Web3 / Blockchain eco-system is leading the way for the adoption and acceptance of remote-first work environments, facing new challenges and opportunities for disruption in how we view the role of design. The episode covers a breadth of topics ranging from role of design, design related hiring decisions, education, collaboration tools, challenges in decentralized organizations, managing opportunities, business of design, ROI, team retreats, conflict resolution, and burn-out.

Tools, Applications, & Resources mentioned: Metamask โ€” Web3 Interface, Zoom โ€” Video Chat, Figma โ€” Design Software, Mural โ€” Design Collaboration, Miro โ€” Design Collaboration, Design meets Business โ€” Course.

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