Announcements: Startup Societies Summit George Mason University

May 02, 2018 โ€” 54 mins
Guests: Joe Mckinney CEO of Startup Societies, John Wise – CEO ofย & John Cronin CEO of BuildCoin

Welcome to Announcements with Host No. 2, Demetrick Ferguson, a show that provides you details on current events, upcoming projects in the blockchain space, and token offering details. We are attempting to provide you with details and information from the people who are creating projects, and we are not giving advice. Please do proper due diligence when considering investments.

This is an Announcement – for the STARTUP SOCIETIES SUMMIT. This one-of-a-kind consortium will feature the brightest minds in investment, blockchain, green technologies, NGOs and much more. MAY 9 & 10 at George Mason University.

Guests: Joe Mckinney CEO of Startup Societies
John Wise – CEO ofย
John Cronin CEO of BuildCoin

Loci.ioย – A search engine company indexing the world’s inventions and ideas with blockchain.

Buildcoin – A non-profit blockchain ecosystem for public infrastructure and construction projects.ย


  1. Christy

    6 years ago

    Awesome information and I would so love to participate. Unfortunately I am in Hawaii and getting to DC is an impossibility for me. My email is [email protected] if anyone would like to reach out as I would love to be involved with my project management skill set where ever it may be needed.