Announcements: Izzy Care

June 21, 2018 โ€” 22 mins
Guests: Kenneth Colon, Co-Founder

Welcome to Announcements with Host No. 2, Demetrick Ferguson, a show that provides you details on current events, upcoming projects in the blockchain space, and token offering details. We are attempting to provide you with details and information from the people who are creating projects, and we are not giving advice. Please do proper due diligence when considering investments.

Today we talk with Kenneth Colon from Izzy Care. Izzy Care aims to be the uber of concierge medical services. With ambitions to dramatically reduce the cost for for concierge medical services, Izzy Care is leveraging the cost reductions possible with blockchain technology and returning those in the form of services that help more people gain access to low-cost medical care.

The Izzy Care App:
Everything you need, from getting in contact with your care team to viewing your health records, is right at your fingertips in the Izzy Care App. Izzy, their built-in A.I. assistant, handles all the back office stuff so your care team can focus on what they do best — caring for you. Izzy can also help you gain further insight into your health via personalized questionnaires and assessments.

Your Personal Care Team:
Unlimited consultations with your care team, comprised of a board-certified Family Medicine physician, a licensed psychotherapist, and nutrition & wellness coach via encrypted, HIPAA compliant messaging and live video. If need be, your care team can also arrange any necessary 3rd party services such as labs, medications, or specialist care local to you. Whether or not you have insurance, we will work with you to find options that maximize quality and affordability.