Announcements: Digitex Futures

February 06, 2019 โ€” 29 mins
Guests: Adam Todd

Welcome to Announcements with Host No. 3, Corey Petty, a show that provides you details on current events, upcoming projects in the blockchain space, and token offering details. We are attempting to provide you with details and information from the people who are creating projects, and we are not giving advice. Please do proper due diligence when considering investments.

Today we talk with Veteran trader, now Digitex founder and lead architect Adam Todd. It is an exchange where they have about 5000 traders waiting to be onboarded on to the Beta. Traders will be given 1000 DGTX each to start trading. Most likely the onboarding will begin near end of February. Public launch will take place early Q2.

Current waitlist has close to 1M users signed up. Even at 5% users trading, they’ll have about 50K+ active traders. For early DGTX investors, this is great news, since all traders must own DGTX to trade on the Digitex Futures exchange โ€” simple law of supply and demand. The more traders, the higher the value for DGTX, and the greater liquidity on the exchange. We cover a variety of topics on what makes them so unique and why Digitex is set for an epic year following our public launch.

Their revenue model of not charging commissions makes them the only exchange where the โ€˜exchange’s interests are actually aligned with the usersโ€™. Successful traders are the best marketing they can do, every successful trader tells everyone he knows what he’s doing and gets 50 more people to join up and try it and because there’s no edge against you on their exchange, 10 of those 50 might also become successful and attract 50 more etc