Announcements: Arweave

May 11, 2018 — 34 mins
Guests: Sam Williams

Welcome to Announcements with Host No. 2, Demetrick Ferguson, a show that provides you details on current events, upcoming projects in the blockchain space, and token offering details. We are attempting to provide you with details and information from the people who are creating projects, and we are not giving advice. Please do proper due diligence when considering investments.

Today we talk with Sam Williams of

A new data storage blockchain protocol based on a novel proof of access consensus mechanism that creates truly permanent data storage for the first time. Now data is finally permanent, low-cost, and truly censorship free.
The blockweave is a new distributed ledger, its technological innovations elevating it beyond current blockchains, and positioning it to become the backbone of the $3 trillion data economy. The blockweave revolutionises the traditional, useless, high-energy output of typical blockchains. The Arweave is based on a new consensus mechanism called ‘proof of access’, which instead of producing the negative externality of high energy consumption, produces a positive externality; that of low-cost, permanent on-chain storage for the very first time.