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An Ethereum Podcast: Episode #8

Episode 8
December 10, 2017 — 40 mins
Guest: Kevin Owocki from Gitcoin and Mark Beylin from Bounties Network. Both are ConsenSys formations

How can projects like Gitcoin and Bounties Network help shape the evolving nature of work? The internet and sharing economy has changed many things about how we think about work. Now imagine what the next generation of work platforms built on Ethereum could do.

We talk about why Mark and Kevin chose to work on similar projects, how they collaborate, and the breadth vs depth differences between incentivizing open source software projects (Gitcoin) vs open-ended work platform (Bounties Network).

Both projects are hiring developers, but you can also dip your toes in the water by . . . doing a few bounties.

Thanks to ConsenSys for making this podcast possible.

Follow Kevin Owocki on Twitter @Owocki and Mark Beylin @MarkBeylin. Also, follow their projects: @GetGitcoin and @ethBounties

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