An ETH Podcast

An Ethereum Podcast: Episode #1

Episode 1
September 08, 2017 — 60 mins
Guests: /u/Dunning_Krugerrands

In this pilot episode of An Ethereum Podcast, /u/Dunning_Krugerrands joins us for a wide ranging conversation about scaling, “Ethereum Killers,” how Vinay Gupta got him interested in Ethereum. Plus, we get an update on his classic “Ethereum FUD list of doom.”

  1. jtnichol

    6 months ago

    Dunning and Evan. Big hugs from KC. Spot on guys.

  2. yougetmyattention

    6 months ago

    Awesome! Dunning seems like a knowledgeable guy, good selection Evan

  3. Chunkzer

    6 months ago

    Good stuff. Would love some marked time skips to jump to conversations of interest though.

  4. Chunkzer

    6 months ago

    Good stuff, would love to have some time / topic annotations though.