The Evolution of My “Why Bitcoin”

To follow is a candid explanation of my personal evolution in the bitcoin space.  Maybe some of you will relate to my story. I’ll  number the progressions of my mutations as a bitcoiner.



I have to admit, and be ultimately honest, my first lightning strike with bitcoin was, “I’m going to be more rich than a well respected pirate in the 19th century!”  When I saw the asymmetrical upside to bitcoin and I saw it’s exponential gains year-over-year I substituted myself in for Leonardo DiCaprio in “Wolf on Wall Street.”  Every morning was like Christmas Eve as a youngin’ when I woke up to check the price.  You see, my journey started in October of 2013…the great thousand dollar bitcoin.  Immediately after I purchased my first coinage I saw my gain go up $200 and I imagined diving into gold like Scrooge McDuck.  Well, we all know how that story played out, so I had to adapt, I had to evolve…


This adaptation was simple, I mutated quickly.  I became the “I’m in this for the long haul” guy. I became the “I’m only investing what I’m willing to lose” guy.  I became the “I’m just on a crazy monetary roller coaster” guy.  I solidified my “I’m going to be rich” emotions and committed to the long play.  This evolution was taking place during the first two quarters of 2014.  Say it with me now…”Fuck Mark Karpeles!” Well, we all know how that story played out, so I had to adapt, I had to evolve…


As an educator I am well tuned to apt for reaching understanding and presenting my acquired knowledge. Think of me as a human size sponge with maximum absorbance.  And, then I squeeze out that knowledge into peoples’ buckets.  Reusable, recyclable, re–I think you get the analogy.  At this stage of adaption, I was mutating, the beginning stages of a bitcoin evangelist.  What a viral stage of mutation?!?! Looking to touch people and have them become just like me.  Kind of like the antagonist of the film, “The Thing.”  Just transforming everyone into a bitcoin zealot.  It was a nasty mutation. And, just like the film, I am sure people wished to set me on fire and assure there was nothing of me left to transmit to the rest of the population.

It wasn’t my fault I was entranced with the inner workings of bitcoin: blocks, blocksize, blockchains, sidechains, lightning in a network,  banks on banks on banks, YouTube videos, awkward family dinners…oh yeah, I was in it.

And, everyone was going to know how bitcoin works!  Well, we all know how that story played out, so I had to adapt, I had to evolve…


This evolution has been the best.  I got my Samurai Jack on.  Silently sharpening my knowledge and practicing my pitch techniques.  If the pitchee is blocking low with a standard, “Bitcoin is drug money,” then I give them a high to mid vertical strike, “It’s funny you mention drug money because when’s the last time you swiped your mastercard for Mary Jane…oh that’s right you used good ole fashioned United States Dollars, didn’t you?” If my pitchee blocked high and right, “Bitcoin is never going to surmount the regulatory hurdles,” I would sweep strike low and left, “Actually there is a boiling regulatory push to accept bitcoin as not only a disruptive technology but also a dignifying currency.  It is only going to take one big thumbs up to solidify its legitimacy.”  We all know the sweep is the hardest to block, so we know how that story played out, so I had to adapt, I had to evolve…


I haven’t even reached my final form!  I like where I am now.  My friends and I started this show, built this site, and we are working daily on being a reliable cornerstone for the community.  The on-ramp cornerstone, the one where you can point your friends and family to so that they can see that bitcoin isn’t drug money, it is money.  Used by normal people to do normal things, that have grown weary of the business as usual that their government continues to practice.  The same business as usual that robs the elderly of their life’s wealth and perpetually rockets us to a debt driven society where its constituents are fiscal slaves to the system.  Constituents that are so busy fighting their debt that they cannot see the marionette puppeteers leeching them of their wealth.  Corey, Marcello, and myself are providing the public with the service of making bitcoin approachable , fun, and adoptable.  After all, adoption is the only thing that matters.  Giving people a chance that are so far down the totem pole they don’t know there is a totem pole.  I was taught a long time ago, “If you reach the top of any mountain it is your duty to go back down and show everyone the path you took so you don’t get lonely up there.”  When bitcoin reaches the top, I’ll be ready to pave a pathway. .  We don’t know how this story plays out, so next time I adapt, next time I evolve my “Why Bitcoin…” it is going to be from a place of bettering humanity…uprooting entrenched systems…spreading wealth to the ones that need it.


…still adapting…