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Texas Bitcoin Conference 2017 Austin, Texas

The Texas Bitcoin Conference is coming to the rolling hills of Austin Texas October, 28-29, 2017! This very likely sell out event occurs as Bitcoin continues to eclipse the legacy banking and financial system. The Texas Bitcoin Conference will take place at the Canyon View Event Center in Austin, Texas. The event is for both the uninitiated and the seasoned crypto technologist.

Bitcoin is a radical, even unheard of technology deemed impossible by the greatest minds not a few years before Bitcoin proved everyone wrong. Blockchains and distributed consensus allows validated ledgers of data to be built by anyone, and distributed to everyone. No central authority required!

What does this mean? It means honesty in financial systems. But really, what does THAT mean? Come to the Conference and find out! How is this going to happen? Who is going to do it? How can we contribute? How can we invest? Who has, will, and is going to make this happen? Getting together with the greatest minds in the space is your best bet to hear the answers.

Now nobody can tell the future, but the Texas Bitcoin Conference is going to be pulling together many of the great minds in this space. And it is going to be a relaxed and open event. People who are experts, will be mixing it up with beginners to get everyone up to speed. This is not a conference you have to qualify for to get more out of the event than you thought possible! We are going to have Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante), Daniel Krawisz (Satoshi Nakamoto Institute), Julie Smith (Medici Ventures), Robert Long (former attorney for the SEC, FINRA, and DOJ), and many more. This is a hugely wide spread of thought and opinion right there in just one sentence!

Bitcoin just hit an all time high, and is threatening to rise even more in the coming months! Ok, what about the Bitcoin Drama, is that a risk? And what about ICOs? Are they an opportunity? What are the dangers? What about Ethereum? What about Bitcoin.com and Bitcoin Core? This conference is the one place you want to be as Bitcoin continues its eclipse of the Status Quo!

The Texas Bitcoin Conference will be held at the Canyon View Event Center in Austin, Texas Oct 28-29 2017. Tickets for the TBC event are on sale now, but there is a limited supply. Buy yours before we sell out!

The TBC event is proudly organized by the Texas Bitcoin Association, Caerbannog Inc., and the Austin based radio broadcast the Crypto Show.

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If you would like more information about this conference, please contact support at support@texasbitcoinconference.com or to register, go to www.texasbitcoinconference.com.