Squeeze Your Own Damn Juice!

So, not too long ago I started making my own juice.  And, contrary to my expectations it did not make me the most boring person on the planet.  It quickly grew into a fascinating hobby.  A hobby that sparked curiosity and enhanced my creativity.  I started learning about different families of fruits and vegetables.  Questions started to naturally sprout…see what I did there…fruits and vegetables naturally sprout so I used that property of produce as an allegory for observational conjecture…BOOM! Anyway–questions started to naturally sprout:

  • When’s the best time to juice?
  • What vegetables are sweet?
  • What vegetables produce the most juice?
  • Can I do something with all of this pulp?
  • What’s the best order to juice certain ingredients?
  • What juice will make me the fullest?
  • Which nutrients will make me feel the best?
  • Can I trick someone into drinking onion juice?

I know what you are thinking, “what does juicing have to do with bitcoin?”  Bitcoin as a protocol is fresh succulent, bountiful, colorful, ripe, and flavorful produce.  The opportunities to make delicious juice are endless.


Bitcoin offers the most pure and dense form of opportunity that has existed in some time.  To deepen the juice thing that I have going on here…there are powerhouse companies in the juice game.  Powerhouses like V8, Oceanspray, or Dole.  Now, take a look at Coinbase, Circle, or  They are powerhouses in the bitcoin space.  Although that first set of companies reliably makes good juice, it is nowhere near the awesomeness that is freshly squeezed juice that I have made on my own.  So, don’t let the Oceansprays of the bitcoin world squeeze your juice for you. Squeeze your own damn juice!  Dive into the whitepaper (should keep a Google tab open).  Then build an app, submit a BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal for the noobinites), help with open source projects, or if you are like my friends and I here at The Bitcoin Podcast, become a media outlet.  Squeeze your own juice.