Welcome to Crypto World – X .

The​ ​Rebirth​ ​and​ ​Relaunch.

You may or may not be familiar with the name. Crypto World – X token, or CWXT. It was created early in 2017 by an anonymous developer. Created as a Proof-of-Stake only coin, the supply was set at 50 million, capping at 100 million, only releasing new coins via the POS mechanism to token holders. There was no ICO sale or crowdfunding for development. Originally it had been launched on Yobit Exchange and Nova Exchange, immediately becoming a tradable asset on both markets. The initial goal from the developers: to create an anonymous emailing system that connected members of the crypto community, utilizing the coin, while also making an addition for a Yobit Coin Price Notifier app that would notify you when a selected coin rose in value, using CWXT to pay subscription fees, so users could be alerted.

With much distaste from the Bitcoin-talk community regarding the project immediately after the launch by its creator we saw the development fall apart as deadline after deadline had been reached and passed. Eventually the developers announced they no motive to continue working on the project and the coin lost trade volume and the community behind it. Surely it was the end for Crypto World – X; or so it seemed.

Though many months had passed and things looked bleak for the token, the community that once strongly believed in CWXT still held belief that someday, somehow, someone would see the potential in the currency and bring the project new life and meaning; holding on for dear life!

Well, today​ that day has come!

A revitalized community-collective team has announced they have been working to take over the project. After making contact with the old developer they had come to an agreement to make a transition to boost the economy and the developments under the CWXT project. The new team has different plans in mind for development – they plan to manifest a fully functional encrypted currency system. The new team’s target demographic will be low income earners, enabling them the ability to project themselves to higher levels. They also plan to implement the original conceptual design of CWXT to create an anonymous messaging system that utilizes token functions.

Utilizing the Crypto-World X Blockchain, users are also currently able to hold, transfer and earn their collective assets in a monetized digital-data media centre that is fully encrypted beyond the control of financial restraints.

CryptoWorld X offers an individual and personally based revenue generating system called Proof-of-Stake. Just by holding our token in the wallet, users are able to tap into a self generating revenue system that rewards them with eligible pay-outs every 30 seconds. This (POS) mechanism allows users that are presently storing their assets to earn a supplemental revenue based on a percentage of allocations of the tokenized network they possess within their wallets. With the growing value of the token, combined with a creation method empowering stakeholders to gain additional tokens, users and investors are able to generate high revenue returns for their portfolios.

CWXT is getting a second chance and it isn’t just blowing smoke this time.

The price has been steadily rising and holding its ground beginning at just 0.00000010 BTC last week; finding a strong support level at 0.00000090BTC/CWXT at the time of writing.

For starters: the team has publicly revealed their identities on their new domain! This is already a step up from the prior developer who remained anonymous during their tenure. They have been working hard at developments over the past week to prove their ambitions are real to the community. Following along in the official telegram channel – http://t.me/cwxtcryptoworld. They have announced a new, sleek logo design that they have created to replace the old purple globe that once represented CWXT. The logo comparison is below –

We have also seen the release of their new domain page – http://www.CWXT.io . Immediately upon viewing the new landing, you get a freshly invigorated vision for the tokens future. The website is also currently listed on the tokens’ personal page on www.coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cryptoworldx-token/. After revealing the website, the team had also revealed the release of the new Block Explorer domain on their Coin Market Cap page. CWXT did not have a block explorer in the past, therefore, this was a feature that the community quickly came to appreciate. If you are not familiar with block explorers, they are tools used to validate transaction instances on the blockchain. This is paramount to the security of users funds on the network. It helps ensure all transactions have been actually sent.

The new team behind CWXT has also revealed their upcoming Road Map imagery with many new goals in sight. The team has announced that, within the coming weeks, they plan to implement masternodes into the staking mechanism that CWXT currently offers. As previously stated, they also aim to restore the prior goals of an encrypted messaging system utilizing the token through-out functions.

Under current staking policies, a user can be eligible to receive a payout of 10 tokens every 30 second block, or 20 tokens per minute, chosen at random with no minimum requirements. This staking payout mechanism is one of the most well-received on the market following data checks on other coins. The masternode feature plans to integrate 30% of the staking rewards committed directly to masternode holders.

Following the swap, the token will have a new ticker symbol which is set to be named CWX. Currently to be eligible for a masternode , a user will need to bank 150,000 CWXT which they will swap 3:1 into 50,000 CWX (CryptoWorld-X) for the new tokens functionality. The swap out will be hosted on Nova Exchange. More information will be announced as the swap date nears.

I would also like to mention that CWXT is super fast for transacting peer to peer, utilizing the 30 second block time and 3 confirmations to validate each block. It costs only 0.000001 CWXT to send a transaction of large size that is ready to spend in seconds! If you’re trying to convert that into dollars… Well, it’s cheaper than DOGEcoin; Even better than bitcoin during its infancy (which is incredible!) and much faster than both cryptocurrencies subtracted from each other.

With everything coming together under new management, Crypto World – X Token is sure to experience new life and new opportunities. You can pick some up on Yobit Exchange or Nova Exchange today!

Written by Greg B.