United by common goals, problems and desire for resolution, FoodCoin Ecosystem project member has become a strong and influential community. Thousands of people joined the FoodCoin Ecosystem project, and it grows everyday.

FoodCoin Ecosystem is a global marketplace supplied by all convenient, secure and free tools, including own currency, which can help to save significantly on the sale and purchase of natural products, reconstructing the local economy and getting around unfair and wasteful rules of the game imposed by food corporations.

Over the past week, https://www.foodcoin.io/ raised funds equivalent to $3.4M. Thousands of people supported us with nice words, inspiring letters, messages, comments, and revealed their trust in action. We are grateful to everyone involved in our project. Thanks to you, we are sure that our project is important and the society needs us, and we are proud you trust us.

The Presale stage will last until September 6 of 2017. The next step will be office opening in Switzerland – the friendliest country that responds appropriately to newest technologies and finance instruments.

We pay attention to every word you tell us. We are always open for your comments, suggestions and questions. If you are not a member of our project yet, you can sign up at our website and join the discussion about our project in comments and Telegram chat.