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PressCoin: Good for the Soul, Good for the Bottom Line By Andrew Markell, PressCoin Co-Founder

My partners at PressCoin asked me to write a piece describing the investment value of PressCoin for the ICO investor audience. One of the caveats – I have been told – is that serious crypto investors could care less about media and journalism. They want to know how they are going to earn more cash money.

So I thought, OK, I can write about how ICO’s like ours create freedoms for entrepreneurs that traditional investment vehicles almost always kill; and that a better supported entrepreneur will always produce better returns for the investors than one that is being crushed by a perverse term sheet.

I can write a piece around how we have already built the entire foundational tech stack that every journalist, every entrepreneur, every investor and every participant will have access to as part of their investment in PressCoin.

The PressCoin technology roadmap


But you know what – all that stuff is cool and amazing, but it’s only backdrop.

The real deal that you – the savvy ICO investor that has probably made a killing on Bitcoin, Ethereum and a few ICO’s you nailed because you were smart and bold – ought to be thinking about goes well beyond cash money.

The acquisition of money is the old game. The new game is about information. Whoever controls the flow of information literally controls the mind of the people. So you can keep making money, and you can buy your stuff. But you will never have real power with that money unless you win at the game of information.

If you have no real power, it means that someone else does; and you can be damn sure that this person cares very little about you, about your children, and about basic human freedom. In fact, they love that you are happy playing the old game of money.

PressCoin, then, is our solution. It gives you money, yes – just go to our website and ICO we have a solid practical business model – but beyond your ROI, PressCoin puts you in a position to participate in the design and implementation of an information and intelligence system that will win the information game for the good of humanity.

The way to win is simple. Make it impossible for any single entity, or aligned set of entities (Facebook, Google, the Chinese Government, global intelligence services etc.) to control any information at all by moving all the important information flows onto a fully distributed, decentralized platform. And mind you, not some tame, safe kind of platform that is about unity, or doing good and other empty promises; but one like PressCoin that is fearless has no need for the right or the left, the anarchists or the commons-will-save-the- world types.

Everything that we have put into PressCoin – which for many of us is upwards of two decades of invention, testing, retesting and building – has been carefully put there to get us to a singular goal. Our singular goal is winning this historical war against fascist centralised global control of information.

And when we win, our investors win because they had the courage to challenge the mighty giants who are on a fast-track towards owning all of our information. Our journalists, participants, and companies win because they have access to crucial intelligence, technology and support that helps them to grow, make better choices and execute their media plays at a very high level.

Lastly, our kids, and their kids win because they do not inherit a future where everything in their world is designed to control their minds, influence their behavior, and keep them obedient. Instead, we give them a future where everyone in the world shares in the ownership and stewardship of a uniquely powerful, decentralized and highly adaptive information system.

The seed of this future system is being built right now by us at PressCoin.

Now imagine for a moment that what I tell you is true. And imagine that you were one of the original investors and participants in this system? How would you feel? What is the story you would tell your kids, and their kids?

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Author Biography

Andrew is co-Founder and Director of Partnership + Internal Process Integration at PressCoin. He is a founding Partner at investment consultancy Insurge Futures, founding Partner at the HigherOrder VC venture firm and co-founding Principal at Exile, a leadership transformation consultancy. Andrew has worked with leaders around the world for the last 20 years to help them transform their organizations and impacts on the planet, including with top executives and founders in publically traded and family held companies, executive directors of NGOs and non-profits, government and university leaders. Andrew began his career working with gangsters on the west coast for a decade beginning in 1995 at a time when violence and urban mayhem were prolific. This body of work gives him an edge in high intensity corporate and organizational settings, allowing him to see situations from unique and important vantage points.