On-Ramping with Dee: Episode #1

Episode 1
December 22, 2016 — 43 mins
Guests: Genice Ferguson

Back in the early 1990’s technologists and early adopters were excited about the potential of the Internet: it could disrupt many existing industries – communications, publishing, news, even politics. Those with foresight could see a day when people would receive information in a far more efficient, decentralized, and democratic fashion. But the average person was still skeptical – what can it do for me?

Introducing a self-serving NEW show under The Bitcoin Podcast network wherein each episode Dee tries to take another human being, cold, and convince them to try bitcoin and answer any questions they may have. His first guest is his own sister! So, if this episode doesn’t have any chemistry, it’s there own damn fault! Welcome to the new series and enjoy!