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One of the best casinos is going to be open in Riga very soon – SL Casino Riga

Storm International Company plans to launch new casino of the famous Shangri La network in the Baltic capital. The name of new venue is SL Casino Riga. The event will take place in October and will be carried out in the form of a party that can be visited by any person who wants to participate. New gambling house will praise the tradition of all other casinos of the chain, offering visitors the best services, limitless opportunities and the unique level of incomparable comfort.

The managing company controls the network of casinos scattered all around the Western Europe: Georgia, Belarus and Armenia, while Latvia is going to join it really soon. Shangri La gambling houses attract a lot of guests and visitors from all over the world, offering them only best things and services.

Last year the casino in Tbilisi received the well-know and renowned Golden Brand award for the highest standards of services and following of all the rules of the group of companies. New venue will also observe the main corporate concept of the owners developed for Shangri La network. Such approach is used to make Shangri La the best and the most popular casino in Riga.

One can enjoy the immersing process of playing and gambling not only in CIS, but in Germany too, where Storm International offers Storm Casino gambling houses with slot machines. Those venues are located in several cities, attracting a lot of guests from both country and the entire world. Guests are able to immerse into the atmosphere of luxury and thrill of the competition, enjoying bright and astonishing shows each and every evening.

Storm Casino chain offers specific venues with various slot-machines, the roulette and card video games. All the halls and premises are made in the unique and uniform style for the most demanding customers and guests. Interiors are decorated with smooth and soft colors, while all the premises are covered with luxurious carpers, handcrafted decorative elements, pictures, vases and other objects of art.

SL Casino Riga in the best hotel of Riga

The owners have selected a perfect place for new casino in Latvia, because it’s located in the exact center of the city inside of a new 5-star hotel. All main attractions and historical sites are located in the close proximity to the hotel, while the ride from the airport by car will take not more than 20-25 minutes.

The hotel will open its doors for the first guests already in September, while SL Casino Riga will invite its first guests in just one month after that. The luxurious hotel was created especially for the most demanding and high-status guests. The luxurious design was elaborated by Alex Kravec who was invited from Great Britain. His studio is working with the most fashionable hotels all over the world. According to the traditions of the chain, new hotel is decorated with soft pastel colors, handcrafted furniture and decorative elements, as well as with pictures of the most famous artists and other elements of decor.

SL Casino in Riga — venue with unique atmosphere

All gambling and slot-machine halls are following the art deco style, which is the main feature of this casino brand. One can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, totally forgetting about the problems of the daily life. Guests are invited to visit the unique world of gambling, immersing into comfort, safety and privacy. Such an amazing atmosphere is supported with the light music, dimmed lights and soft colors of the interior.

New casino will be located on two floors. The first one is going to be used for the slot-machine hall with various one arm bandits and even a small bar. This level will have its own entrance group.

When going to the second floor, guests of the casino are able to tempt fortune in the roulette, play card games or visit Shangri La Х.О. VIP-zone for customers who prefer totally privacy and safety. After getting to this oasis of patience and relaxation, one can enjoy the maximum level of comfort and feel of the benefits of the luxurious services. The casino has the highest reputation all over Europe due to the highest level of services and a special loyalty program for casino members.

SL Casino in Riga invites all the real fans of gambling to visit it, because each and every person will find their cup of tea: the roulette, poker, blackjack and slot-machines. One can visit new venue already in October this year. In order to check interesting facts and news, as well as to discover the exact date of the future party one has to visit the official website of the casino: sl-casino.lv. We invite you to come and enjoy the world of gambling!

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