NFT QT 030 โ€“ Why the Metaverse Needs Interoperable 3D NFTs w/ MetaMundo

In this episode of the NFT QT Show, QuHarrison Terry and Ryan Cowdrey are joined by Mark Studholme, the founder ofย MetaMundoย โ€“ a marketplace for 3D NFTs that are interoperable across many metaverse platforms.

They discuss topics including:

  • The vision behind MetaMundo and 3D NFTs
  • Tools for creating 3D NFTs
  • The keys to metaverse interoperability
  • Favorite 3D creators
  • What is the MetaPortal NFT?
  • What type of 3D NFT assets will we value in the metaverse?

For more information on the topics discussed in this episode, head over toย