Not Another Bitcoin Podcast #7: Marcello

Episode 07
August 01, 2017 — 56 mins
Guests: Cello

I invite the main host Cello of The Bitcoin Podcast Network on my show to speak on Common Misconceptions About Bitcoin. Starting from the basics and working our way to the more difficult misconceptions, Cello helps break down the mental barriers around the traditional thought processes these PABs bring into the crypto space with them. This show is for the newbies and for the vets. It has a little something something for everyone. So press download or hit the stream button, either way tune in and get the update on bitcoin conceptions.

  1. Philip

    7 months ago

    Mentioned a Litecoin give away ? Can’t figure out where to enter?


      7 months ago

      links are in the info-BOX on my i do giveaways A LOT

  2. Simon William Merrild Dich

    7 months ago

    Hi Kenn!
    Started to hear your podcast’s last day at work and finished all today! Fucking good job man.
    Really enjoy listening to your interview’s and your reflection on the cryptomarket.

    Remember to keep it simple. As a “newbie” it can get quite confusing when you base a whole conversation on a term or word that the audience do not understand, yet. Would be great to have a quick follow up on just some of the terms, while you are doing the conversations. It will not use lots of your time and it would make the understanding so much easier instead of me going to google while listening.
    What I miss as well is the overall update on the market – don’t get me wrong, you do it sometimes, but I think you should start out every time giving an description of the last or the future day/weeks/month. This keeps the show excited and the audience get a feeling of whats going on in the cryptoworld every time we are listening to your podcast. This could be about basic news, your own investments, exciting altcoins to watch an so on. You do it now, but you do it to rare in my opinion.

    Anyway I enjoy in the way your speak, your questions and differential reflections and the people you bring in. As on of the participating guys said “you have a straight up radiovoice”. Thank you for that! I need more!!

    Big up from Denmark!!


    7 months ago

    THANK YOU !!! It’s comments like this that HYPE me up and get me LIT for making new content! Make sure you follow my YouTube.comKennBosak for my nightly show and giveaways