Not Another Bitcoin Podcast #3: Adam Meister

Episode 3
July 06, 2017 — 65 mins
Guests: Adam Meister

Adam Meister is an entrepreneur, self made. He is known for his voice in the crypto community and his views of the world. Being a minimalist isn’t easy, but when you can the level of self discipline as Adam, it’s just routine. The Bitcoin Meister, or Adam for short is absolutely the most frugal personality in the space. Using the internet to it’s full potential and even pushing boundaries beyond borders, he uses the kindness of strangers to travel and couch surf. Being a somewhat, ok huge, bitcoin maximalist, it’s impressive he’s had guests on his show like Charlie Lee and Amanda B Johnson. As a fan of his show myself, I was excited to get to meet and know Adam as a person not just a personality. Next time, we will dig deeper into the crypto rabbithole.