Not Another Bitcoin Podcast #13: Peter Saddington

Episode 13
December 28, 2017 — 75 mins
Guests: Peter Saddington

Peter Saddington is BiteSizeBitcoin or better known as “The Bitcoin Lambo Guy”. That’s the pinnacle of Bitcoin success. Everyone wants a “bitcoin Lambo” but, not everybody wants to put in the work or take the risks associated with the reward. Peter took these risks back when Bitcoin was only $2.50. Among being one of the earliest investors in bitcoin he is also one of the most popular personalities in the bitcoin industry. He uses this celebrity status to educate and a motivate people who are interested in cryptocurrencies. Right now, all we have for friends and family who want to learn about bitcoin and bitcoin accessories is “google it”. Luckily Peter Saddington started his project TheBitcoin.Pub to help provide credible sources on information for beginners to safely onramp into crypto. To find more from Peter Saddington check out his newest project Decentralized.TV for tons of FREE bitcoin and crypto information, education and of course entertainment!