Not Another Bitcoin Podcast #11: Ozzy The BS Filter

Episode 11
September 06, 2017 — 83 mins
Guests: Ozzy “The BS Filter”

Ozzy “The BS Filter” is personally one of my favorite YouTubers in the crypto limelight. He has no chill and tends to go off on tangent rants like an angry old man. But, that’s just Ozzy’s gimmick. Talking smack is what Ozzy is best at. So, if you’re not on the straight and narrow Ozzy will let you know! This man gets crypto and understands the impact yet to be felt by its technology. In this interview Ozzy blesses me with many knowledge bombs as well as personal advice. When Ozzy talks, I listen… I might not always apply what he’s taught me but the filter is always there. No matter how much this man disagrees with me, he will always have my respect. Tune in and listen to one of the toughest crypto personalities, who has no hidden agendas, Ozzy “The BS Filter”.