How to make a Bitcoiner: Be Difficult


My blogs are always going to be personal and produced from the kindle that is my experience as a bitcoiner.  And, as I write I imagine I am speaking with two sets of people:  those that understand bitcoin and are looking to read a fellow bitcoiner’s thought blurbs, or someone that lacks understanding of this amazing new innovation and is looking to soak up as much as you can about it.  If you are the prior, thanks for your time and I hope you find my writings engaging.  If you are the latter, I must warn you, I like the human aspect of bitcoin.  I am fascinated with the technical side, I find it to be a modern day marvel, but my viewpoint is that hammers are boring, but seeing what a craftsman can do with a hammer is far from boring.

I have a request for those reading and are excited about bitcoin, and that request is to be difficult.  Be the element of change in your social circle.  Be the difficult one.  I don’t know how many times in my life I have been called “difficult” or been overlooked on my ideals.  What I do know is that a good amount of time my intuitions have served correct.  Be difficult, because what does easy do  for progressing an ideal…absolutely nothing! People are rarely motivated intrinsically, a majority of the time it is some sort of extrinsic motivation that causes that impulse for change.  So be difficult.  If your friends owe you some change or vice versa, then ask them to give it to you in bitcoin, or you pay them back in bitcoin.  Bitcoin requires a massive educational effort on all fronts from those that know to those that don’t.  And, everyone knows the old adage comparing catching a fish and teaching to fish.  Yes, teaching someone to fish is more difficult, for you and the person learning, but they aren’t going to learn a thing about fishing until you give them the pole and let them cast on their own.  That first time they cast out that lure it is a scary moment, you may even get caught in the hook, but there will be lessons learned.   And, before you know it, fishing is a viable experience that you both can share, so be difficult.

There is something that comes along with being difficult that I must warn you about, and that thing is fear.  Fear of rejection, fear of alienation, fear of being wrong, and a slew of others; but muster up your better you and put some courage in your satchel because none of those fears are life ­threatening, so get over yourself.  I have found that most times my genuine affinity for betterment supersedes my difficult nature, and the endless cultivation of dense relationships usually bears the fruit of a new bitcoiner every once in a while.   And, to add on to that analogy, is horticulture easy?  Find someone who grows their own produce and maintains their own sustenance and ask them how easy it is.  What you hear could most likely be summed up in one word, difficult.

Hopefully this blurb inspires the few, because it is always the few that guide the many.  Go be difficult.  Go make bitcoin an experience for someone.  Go teach people how to fish by putting the pole in their hand.