The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #99: Blockchain Supercomputer

Episode 99
November 13, 2016 — 70 mins
Guests: Alex Leverington

Shh, enough bitcoin noise. What‘s happening on the Ethereum Network? Alex Leverington from the Golem project joins Corey and Dee to talk about distributed computing. WTF is distributed computing? Listen to the episode and find out, duh. You’ll hear Corey in his element talking about coding and programming, which gives him the upper hand in this almost interrogation like interview. Alex does a fantastic job answering each question in full detail. Ethereum is to the world computer as Golem is to the world’s computing. Alex Leverington explains the many different levels of computing problems that content creators face and how Golem aims to solve each of them via distributed computing. Listening to Corey and Alex go back and forth, question after answer, will leave you with a sense of excitement for the future of distributed computation.