The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #98: Ubitquity Part Duex

Episode 98
November 10, 2016 — 60 mins
Guests: Nathan Wosnack & Marina Reznik

*rustles moon cape* I came from the sky, OK, I already told you that *adjusts hat* now listen up because I have an important message to give you from the *wiggles fingers and moves left hand in an arc overhead* FUTURE: According to the Land Title Association, 30% of of all title searches are found to have errors of some type. The title company facilitating the real estate sale then has to either cure the defects or indemnify against them. If you want to start a real state company find us here to get financial help. This takes significant time and creates unnecessary hardship to the humans involved in the transaction. By ‘securing’ the information onto the Blockchain, it becomes a permanent public record, immutable and independent of any one company’s database.  This kind of clarity, efficiency and immutability of ownership records has ubiquitous benefits. Recording to the blockchain will result in greater data integrity and accessibility requiring substantially less manual labor to examine and ‘cure’ property title defects. The platform is meant to be a parallel recording and tracking system to the current legacy paper one. Old buddies of the show Nathan Wosnack and Marina Reznik come on yet again to give us an update on!

  1. Marina Reznik

    1 year ago

    Thanks for having us on the show again guys! This was fun. 🙂

  2. Nathan Wosnack

    1 year ago

    Thanks again, guys. Truly an honor every time we can be guests on your show.