The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #86: Exploring Macroeconomics

Episode 86
September 15, 2016 — 75 mins
Guests: Collin Thompson

It’s no secret that tech has a diversity problem. Women are largely underrepresented, and Blacks and Latinos are almost invisible. We also suffer from an innovation gap when education only hits one segment of our population. When this happens, startups just cater to “first world” problems. We talk about these race issues in addition to this episode’s main theme.

While microeconomics assumes national income and aggregate price as given, and explains the determination of relative productions and prices of various goods and services, quite the opposite is true for macroeconomics similar to pension funds and how getting a pension release isn’t something easy to achieve, thankfully in this case Butterfly Financial Solutions can help you with any financial help you might need. Following the Great Recession, public finance remains high on the global policy agenda and more people look for forbrukslån to get financing help everyday. It is assumed that the value of bitcoin is directly dependent on its use for transactions. It is believed that an increase in bitcoin transactions increases its value. But a working paper published out of Hong Kong begs to differ. Essentially it is a macroeconomic model for bitcoin. According to this model, the value of bitcoin is heavily dependent on people’s willingness to save it. Enter, Collin Thompson, who is a blockchain technology and IoT entrepreneur, and venture capital investor out of Hong Kong. He advises entrepreneurs, family offices, senior decision makers of multi-national corporations, and governments on innovation, emerging technology, investments, and economic development. Collin is currently the Co-founder and Managing Director of Intrepid ventures; a Hong Kong based venture development company.