The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #84: Arcade City Glorification

Episode 84
September 04, 2016 — 75 mins
Guests: Christopher David

When a ballot proposal that would have replaced the city ordinance failed, Uber and Lyft left Austin, TX as promised. Since May 9, there have been no ride-sharing services available in this city of almost a million people. So it’s no surprise that tech-savvy Austinites, like this episodes special guest, Christopher David, who have taken matters into their own hands without the concern about red tape or corporate bullshit. Arcade City is a rideshare startup designed to be integrated into the Ethereum blockchain.

Now, we keep it 100 here at The Bitcoin Podcast and I won’t pretend there isn’t any skepticism. The thing that worries me about this is that the guy was called out recently for being a bit of a scam artist. Turns out, he has straight forward answers to all our questions. And yes, we do have trust in him and Arcade City. Just because it’s plugged into Ethereum doesn’t mean it will solve all the logistical challenges that goes with it. This will take some time. A decentralized Uber is a logical conclusion, simple, and powerful…the question is: Is Arcade City the right strategy, model, branding, and people to execute it effectively and successfully? You know what to do…hit that play button!

  1. phillip

    1 year ago

    why are you giving positive press and coverage to a known scammer?

    arcade city is a scam with a non-functional app and it is well documented.

  2. Jason

    1 year ago

    I have a very bad feeling here. I fear that Christopher David actually had to pay for all of his appearances on podcasts and articles mentioning Arcade City in a favorable manner. This is what the investor funds were used for, paid propaganda.