The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #71: Bitcoin Wealth Alliance

Episode 71
July 10, 2016 — 94 mins
Guests: Chris Dunn

We’ve heard it all before, get rich quick; I’m successful, YOU can be successful too! But there is one man. Chris Dunn. He is solely on a journey to discover ways to create income, build wealth, and have complete freedom and autonomy in his life. So many so-called “gurus” in the circles of Investing, Making Money Online and Trading… unfortunately make the bulk of their money selling you products or doing something else entirely… rather than actually “practicing what they preach”. Chris Dunn is an anomaly. He is nice, knowledgeable, and just seeking out people to tell about bitcoin, laying down the risks, benefits and possibilities encountered in trading. Chris has deep experience in bitcoin trading and he has been successful for many years. This week, we share with you HIS bitcoin journey and we learn a thing or two! With the recent halvening, he’ll show you what’s working now and what pitfalls to avoid.

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