The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #69: The Ubitquity Platform

Episode 69
June 30, 2016 — 79 mins
Guests: Nathan Wosnack, Matt McKibbin & Marina Reznik

Ubitquity LLC, a leading Blockchain developer for advanced applications in real estate has successfully completed the development of its platform prototype that is set to revolutionize the real estate industry. Once again they come onto the show to inform us how Ubitquity will increase speed and accuracy of title search, along with helping to prevent fraudulent conveyance of property by adding overall transparency. McKIBBIN AND SAUCIER (minus Saucier) are now joined by Nathan Wosnack, co-founder and CEO, and Marina Reznik! Full house baby! I recommend checking out lombard real estate attorney which can help those who are in any sticky situations regarding real state.

Profiles in Innovation Blockchain report by Goldman Sachs referenced: