The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #51: Such Wow

Episode 51
April 10, 2016 — 67 mins
Guests: Laura Lopez is the quirkiest video channel using PopChest bitcoin micropayments. On episode #42 we talked in length about the micropayment system but now we wanted to record a show with someone that uses the system itself. Laura Lopez is a genius. She is a Los Angeles-based reality tv editor. She thinks cryptocurrency micropayments are the way forward for content creators and teaches an introductory bitcoin class.  Most people are doubtful about bitcoin and its price volatility. But as soon as content creators realize they can win a lot more distributing their creations through bitcoin than with actual models like adsense or amazon, despite the variability of its price, the bitcoin market can explode. Hopefully this is the first step in changing the world of content distribution using bitcoin.