The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #45: Bitcoin Evangelism

Episode 45
March 06, 2016 — 37 mins
Guests: Roger Ver

Aw shit. We’re big time now. Yessir, Roger Ver is in the building! If you’re into bitcoin and you haven’t heard of Roger Ver, well, you’re not into bitcoin. He is not your typical millionaire. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, he started his first tech company Memory Dealers while in college, building up enough capital to then invest elsewhere: Bitcoin. Dubbed ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, the 35-year-old was the first person to start seeding Bitcoin startups and is a convicted advocate of the cryptocurrency and its potential to revolutionize modern payment systems. We chat about the Blockchain, his team, and his vision for the bitcoin industry. His ministry happens everywhere you are; in your home, at your work, over the fence with your neighbor.  Take your seat.  Amen.