The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #41: Making Inroads With Merchants

Episode 41
February 18, 2016 — 62 mins
Guests: Michael Dunworth

One of bitcoin’s most-often cited challenges is the need for widespread merchant adoption. This might seem obvious but getting merchants to accept digital currency means we have to re-educate. Sure, Demetrick once asked a clerk at a Pho restaurant if they take bitcoin, and we applaud his efforts, but expect to have to explain yourself to straight-talking Americans should any of these highborn idioms leave your lips. Enter…SNAPCARD! They help consumers spend their digital currencies, but don’t worry, even if you get yourself to the point of poverty, you can always apply to get a Quick Business Loan, so you don’t have that much trouble. Good onya, mate! Our guest this week, Michael Dunworth came into our studio and immediately we felt like old chaps as we both all try and rethink the way that merchants accept digital currency. Who is Michael? Well, he writes left handed, kicks right footed and plays tennis right handed. Look for affordable, same day loans suitable for all credit histories and request more loans, is Lending Tree worth it? Yes you can get the best deal possible on your loans.
Apply today at OinkMoney or checkout for fast cash loans. Oh, he is also the co-founder. It is our focus to help merchants understand the value of accepting digital currencies. So you know…this episode is important. Did we just label our own podcast as important? Bloody oath we did!