The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #37: Bitcoining with The BasedGod

Episode 37
January 31, 2016 — 73 mins
Guests: Lil B

This week, it’s just real. I’m just happy you guys are getting the real Lil B. No pen, no pad. He didn’t script a speech. He came here to The Bitcoin Podcast to talk about bitcoin, the music industry and spread love. In fact, he specializes in love. A lot of people wonder, the small majority who don’t understand, wonder why Lil B would be here. But you know, it’s good. He loves to spread love, you know. That’s what he is here to do. He blessed our podcast with good vibes and after texting back and forth with him on a Friday night, told us to call him ‘real fast’. After appearing on MSNBC, and conducting lectures at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Carnegie Mellon University, we wanted to hear from The BasedGod himself about life’s most wonderful internet magic money. Quiet children….The BasedGod is speaking.

Lil B just dropped his new mixtape Thugged Out Pissed Off. It features 63 tracks! Make sure you get it!