The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #180: Witnesses, Victims and Participants

Episode 180
January 24, 2018 — 71 mins
Guests: QuHarrison Terry

With billions of dollars literally created out of thin air, there’s a lot of fraudsters out there concocting up get-rich-quick schemes around cryptocurrency. Businesses aren’t going to accept Bitcoin until they can confidently protect themselves against fraud. And that comes down to the Point-of-Sale. QuHarrison Terry is here joining us to talk about these things! He is the marketing director at Redox, the company providing a modern API for healthcare. In addition, as a futurist, growth hacker, technology obsessed individual, he gives us the lowdown from CES 2018, the Global Stage for Innovation! What was hot? What was not? The possibilities for innovation, revenue generation and positive social impact are limitless!