The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #18: From Cradle to Grave

Episode 18
September 20, 2015 — 56 mins
Guests: Judd Bagley

Bitcoin is all about the journey, not the destination, wouldn’t you agree? In January 2014, became the first major online retailer to accept payment in bitcoin. Less than eighteen months later, though it went unnoticed by many, Monday June 8, 2015 was a date that will go down in financial history. For on this date, the first cryptosecurity was created. It happened on’s new (that’s the letter T and number zero) cryptosecurity trading platform. Specifically, the first piece of a $25-million digital bond issued by exclusively on the bitcoin blockchain. This bond is composed of 25-million digital tokens, each worth U$1.00. This is one of the many ways blockchain technology is being applied outside of digital currency. What better person to swing by and discuss this with us than Judd Bagley, the director of communications at Overstock. After speaking with him, it is clear he is dedicated to moving the oxcart of civilization forward a few feet by advocating the adoption of cryptocurrencies.


Plus, Marcello tells the gang about The Law of Diffusion of Innovation (where he states 1% of people are laggards when its actually closer to 10-15%). Plug in, settle down and open your ears people.