The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #173: Surprising Insights

Episode 173
December 21, 2017 — 83 mins
Guests: Jason & Noah

In this special mid-week episode, we cover all the topical subjects like BCash, lightening network, and more. In addition we have some big wigs stopping by to talk about money, trading, and more. Your financial solution for investing in Blockchain Technology, we invite JJ and Noah on the show to represent BlockEdge Capital, which was founded on the idea of bringing Blockchain Technology based investing to the public in a way that is easy to understand and allow for seamless entry into this exploding marketplace. Every day we realize the struggles the novice and seasoned trader encounters when approaching the crypto marketplace-dealing with exchanges, wallets and just the overall complete lack of informed trading decisions in the crypto asset sphere. The complete lack of a cohesive solution is apparent and brought to the forefront by our current and possible future clientele. Let’s change that, shall we? Also DREXXXXXX, Daniel Baker, joins us for the roundtable once again!